How an assessment can help you or your child?

Parents, students and adults seek a full psychological assessment for a number of reasons.

Parents may be concerned about their child’s slower than expected progress at school. They may be having difficulties in acquiring literacy or numeracy skills, and the school may advise a full assessment.

Sometimes, parents may feel that their child is underachieving despite performing within the average range for their age.

Some children may be showing challenging behaviour at home or at school which might be associated with a learning difficulty.

A formal assessment will help to throw more light on the situation, establish if the child is experiencing a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, find out more about their learning styles and help to direct support.

An assessment can provide a safe, confidential environment to be heard and understood and will help to make sense of apparent problems.

It can help to improve self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence

An assessment can provide a framework for working in partnership with parents / teachers / employers to support the child / student / adult suggesting appropriate strategies, teaching methods, technological aids and other resources.