More about the process of assessment

When a client or parent first contacts me and decides to go ahead with an assessment, I will send them a questionnaire to complete to help build up a picture of their educational history and family background. If appropriate, I will also send a questionnaire to the school to gather the teacher’s perspective.

When we meet, I may need to follow up on some of the points raised in the questionnaire. The assessment tools I use help me look at the client’s strengths and weaknesses, their abilities, both verbal and non-verbal and also to look at attainments in literacy and numeracy.

An assessment will generally take between two and two and a half hours. You also need to allow and additional 30-40 minutes for feedback which I can give you straight away.

I am happy to see clients in their homes or at my own home in Dartington near Totnes. Sometimes it is more appropriate to work with children in school so that they can be observed in their normal educational setting and I have a chance to talk to teachers face to face.
During the Covid-19 isolation period I am also able to offer on-line assessments using Zoom and a visualiser.

Within 2 weeks of the assessment, you will receive a detailed report which will include background information, assessment findings, conclusions and recommendations. A technical appendix will show all the test results.

Follow-up telephone support is available if required.